Outreach Marketing

SBI Newsletter

Our opt in newsletters cover a range of topics and our potential
addressable market is over ten million investors in our database.
Depending on your needs we can highlight your company in the
appropriate newsletter for maximum exposure

Broker Introductions

We have a number of brokers across Canada and the USA whom are
interested in exciting small cap companies with explosive growth and we
expand upon this list continually. Our newsletter goes to these brokers
and we can make introductions as well

News Release Opt-In

For those investors whom have expressed interest in your company but
are not yet shareholders we can send your press releases and post them
to our site.

Email Blasts

For those investors whom have expressed interest and or have signed up
to our regular newsletter, we can ‘blast’ your message to them, either thru
regular print or for a nominal cost a video message for maximum impact.

Radio Show Introductions

There are a number of radio shows, airwave and internet, who regularly
showcase exciting small cap companies for a fee. We can arrange this
and represent your company on the show for maximum exposure



  1. cmtgroup1 says:


    Thank you for posting my report. I would be interested in doing some blasts. Please send me some info on costs and requirements.

    Patrick MontesDeOca

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