How To Make A Million Dollars With A Hot Dog Cart


Editor’s note: James Altucher is an investor, programmer, author, and entrepreneur. He has started and sold several companies, run a VC fund, and is an active investor in many private companies. His latest books are I Was Blind But Now I See and 40 Alternatives to College. You can follow him on Twitter @jaltucher.

My wife, Claudia was upset with me. She said, “I didn’t shower! I haven’t left the house. I’m having coffee in the afternoon. I feel like I’m turning into you!” And quite frankly, she looked sort of disgusting while she was saying this to me at 3 in the afternoon.

“You realize that everything you say to me right now is potential material for a blog post.”

“Oh wait. No. I’m fucked! That’s it, I’m not going to say anything to you,” she said. She poured herself the coffee and left the room. I…

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