Global Debt Problems are Toxic and Likely to End Badly

Author Larry Berman

Posted: 16 May 2012 re-posted from etfcm

We have suggested the downside target for the correction phase is at least 1290, but we did think the 1340 area would initially hold—it has not. The Greek tragedy is manageable from what we understand, but the Portuguese squeeze and Irish break dance, followed by the Spanish paella and Italian salami, is too much for Germany to quaff given France’s new found “AA” foie gras.

Investors are forgetting that the reserve currency of the world, the mighty Greenback—is bankrupt and owes 800% of GDP in unfunded Social Security and Medicare. Even if they patch up Europe for a while with another LTRO or some other alphabet soup, the debt problems in the world are toxic and will most likely end badly. The Euro will likely break up and trillions in debt will need to be written off or monetized globally.

If anyone has another solution, we are searching hard for one, this will likely take years to fully play out. Don’t fret the day-to-day noise and miss the big picture. One needs to take money off the table when the markets are strong and have cash to buy the bargains when they develop.



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