Canadian Banks and Stress of the Housing Sector

Author Larry Berman

Posted: 28 Feb 2012 reposted from etfcm

Bank earnings start off with a slightly better than expected result, but there does seem to be at least some concern about the forward outlook. There appear to be notable stresses developing in Canada’s housing sector that are bound to have an impact on the banks in the coming years. The CMHC is about full on their loan books, and housing is simply becoming unaffordable for a conventional type mortgage. How many young couples have $100K or more needed for a down payment?

More important today and tomorrow is what the S&P 500 does at its 2011 high of 1371. There is obviously some hope that the ECB delivers another monster tranche of LTRO (QE), so there is room for some disappointing ‘sell the news’ type event as well.

Gold and silver look poised for a breakout type trade and all will know how badly gold and silver stocks have lagged their bullions. There are lots of potentially offsetting factors for the TSX, which should limit the upside in the coming weeks and months. We still see 13,000 as a reasonable target to take money off the table.


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