Author Patrick MontesDeOca, Director of CMT Group

Posted: 10 Feb 2012

The Vedic Code was derived from Vedic Mathematics, an advanced form of mathematical system that has been used by the ancient Hindus, Saints and Sages for predicting the weather patterns, planetary effects and their effects on people’s life on Earth.

It is highly scientific in nature and was used in correlation with the Golden Mean or ratio to design magnificent temples and other architectural structures in the Eastern civilizations.

The methods of this mathematical system are very advanced and the calculations of any large number or fractions are solved in seconds, and in some cases faster than a computer.

The system of numbers is not only used to measure tangible materials but also has the ability to measure intangible existences without having to actually measure it with a physical ruler.

The numbers are used in a systematic way and use the real numbers from 0 to 9 later called the “Nine Hindu-Arabic Numerals” first discovered and brought to the Western Europe by Fibonacci in the year 1200. He went on to use the system of 9 numbers to develop arithmetic, algebra and geometry.

The Vedic Code simply refers to the basic movement of the universal energy in the form of 9 energy cycles. It identifies the beginning and ending of a system.

The theory which has been applied successfully in the creation of highly advanced societies in Pre-Christ times in the East uses the fact that there is no unique realty above the number 9 and that every number above that is the just part of a spiral of energy from the basic 9 numbers from 0 to 9.

The ancient Hindus believed the universe basically consisted of 9 realities from which reality begins from “nothing” and expands from singularity to duplicity to triplicity and until its destruction or end.

This mathematical code is applied to every facet of life but more so to the lives of human beings. The basic concept is that if you take a string and put the two ends together you will form a circle and so the end of the string is connected to the beginning of the string.

So the simple conclusion is that the life of any human being or animal has an end but begins again into another level. Since 9 is the end of the string and touches “zero” then 9 acts like zero. Some examples are when you add 9 to any number the result is the sum of the digits which add back to the original number: 9 +3=12 which is 1+2 = 3. The same happens when you multiply any number by 9; the result is an addition of the digits resulting in 9: 9×3=27 which is 2+7= 9.

In ancient Hindu mathematics the zero represent the soul or never ending circle and the 9 represent the death of something (or end). When applied to the life of humans and to the cycles of the planets as well as the weather patterns, the understanding of birth and death becomes fascinating.

Not only, are we sure of those two co-ordinates we can actually calculate what will happen in between those two points using the order of numbers. 1 would mean that the soul has taken birth represented by 1 and that is followed by 2 the number of connection, followed by the number 3 the number of triplication and then 4 the number of foundation as it represents the square and so on.

These numbers are the Vedic Codes in systems as these 9 numbers will decide the vibrations, the movements whether negative or positive, the end of a system and the beginning of the next system when the factor of time is applied successfully.


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